About Us

What is Garum?

“garum” is an traditional recipe for an ancient roman fish sauce, said to originate in the historic town of Boloña just next to Tarifa on the southern spanish shores. as testimony to those times, the roman ruins are still there to be seen. So memorable is the flavour of “garum”, that it is still hugely popular with modern romans today.

Inspired by “garum’s” eternal ability to stimulate the palate, our aim is to create an equally memorable dining experience that will linger on in our guests’ memories for a long time to come, each and every time they visit us. From early morning to late evening, the creative array of our cosmopolitan-inspired cuisine continually challenges both the eye and the palette.

Just as the views from our terrace constantly change with the passing seasons, so the innovative dishes change on our menus. We believe that a wine should reflect the spirit of our dishes.

Our cellar offers a wide selection of novel spanish wines produced in small, select vineyards. Each one is unique and has been hand-picked to compliment our menu. Come rain or shine, the garum team are here to offer you a warm welcome in our strikingly minimalist yet intimate inside restaurant, or on our large comfortable terrace right on Marbella’s seaside promenade.

Garum is a gay friendly restaurant in Marbella